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" If being laid off isn't poor enough, finding ongoing employment is also not easy. "Everyone attempts to advance to opportunities that are not available and wont get," says Phil. Though this may also be accurate for different jobs within the games industry, he feels this problem is compounded because testers are often employed through a staffing corporation and not internally. Many marketers will not provide a guide due to builder policies. Most testers are not, officially, employees. Reuben explains, "nearly all people give their outside lifestyles for 6 months up to a year will be, and after that be let it go. It is discouraging to find out with be let go that way, a great number of people you've spent." He adds that the approach is cold while being laidoff could be a part of any profession. "just how [my employer] used-to manage these things was to send meeting updates out. You'd go into a meeting, and somebody would walk into the QA location where everyone who didn't possess the meeting demand were still relaxing and just claim, 'If youare below, you've been let it go, pack up your material, we're escorting you out'.

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